Rene Quispe Sandoval, LCSW

Since 2008, I have been a practicing licensed clinical social worker. My license affords me the privilege of offering the public, counseling, mental health and therapy support services.  I have been providing professional social work services in schools, social service agencies, medical clinics and the community since 2001. I have served children, families, individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds, creeds, national orgins, sexual orientations, genders, both religious or non-religious. 


I have worked with school systems in the greater Sacramento Area providing counseling on-site to students from preschoolers to college students. I have been a school social worker at times attending IEP meetings, or SARB hearings and assisting educators with behavior support plans or developing psycho-educational campus -wide curriculum for improved student mental health. I have also presented parenting education classes at back-to-school night functions or been a guest lecturer for school events. 


I have met with clients in the past in their homes as part of their CPS family re-unification plans, or as part of my work with the California Victim Compensation Program when a client was too afraid to leave their home. I have attended protests in the community to advocate for basic human rights.  I beleive the communities we are all a part of also hold valuable social resources for us-and I often provide referrals to social service agencies to help with obtaining food, rental assistance, support groups and client advocacy as part of my therapy. 


I practice what I preach by living my life in the moment. I pray every day for elightenment and to be a symbol of hope for all my clients. I enjoy exercising, reading, collecting comic books, running with my dogs, and playing board games with my nephews. I value my time with my immediate family. I strive to be a better version of myself everyday. 


Master's Degree in Social Work, 2001 from CSU Sacramento.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 1998  from CSU Sacramento.

Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate from the CSU Sacramento Psychology Department.

Pupil Personnel Services Credential, 2001.

Therapy Skills

Mindfulness Based Therapies

  1. Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  2. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  3. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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I am a fluent and native Spanish language speaker.