You might be nervous

I was in junior high school when I first met with the school counselor. I wasn't sure what to say or how she could help me. I just knew I needed to talk to someone about my thoughts and feelings. 

I will ask you questions

To better help me, help you, I will ask you to share with me details about what brings you to my office. The more you share, the more I can better understand what tools and resources will be available to us to help you.

The first session is usually the hardest

You arrive on time, I come out to shake your hand with a smile on my face and welcome you inside my office. There is a couch that you can sit on, or a soft chair if your prefer. My office has a large window that affords us both a chance to bask in the natural light from outside. 

It gets easier

Remember the first time you met a friend? Well, counseling is kind of like that. After your first session with me, you will know if we connect. On your second visit, we spend less time getting to know one another and begin our collaborative work together. 

After the session

It is perfectly normal to feel new feelings and have many thoughts after a session with a counselor. That usually means something is working! Old ways of thinking that can be unhelpful start shifting and new pathways inside your brain begin to open up. Exciting things can come from the work ahead of us. 

What if I feel worse after seeing you?

In some rare occasions, a client may report feeling uneasy about counseling. Usually this is because they have not been able to be this honest with another person ever in their life, and more importantly this honest with themselves about their fears and dreams. These feelings are normal too and are best dealt with by taking time to journal these, and share them with me at your next session.  Take all the time you need to decide if this is the right time to begin making big changes in your life. Counseling is voluntary.