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Telehealth Services Available

Safe, Convenient & Affordable

During this trying time, I am offering counseling support services through a confidential and secure media platform called Doxy.me. This services allows me to meet with you in the comfort of your own home using just your phone, tablet, or computer. There is nothing extra to download. 

How Does it Work?

Just before your scheduled appointment time, I will send you a secure link to click that will instantly bring you into my virtual waiting room. You then just type in your first name and at our scheduled time we meet as if we were in my office. Simple, Fast and Secure.

Why Telehealth?

Given that the public health officials are advising people to stay home-Telehealth offers everyone the chance to meet with a counselor for added support without going into a potentially crowded clinic. Even people currently experiencing flu-type symptoms can obtain counseling support without feeling publicly singled out.

How Much Does it Cost? (SAVE UP TO $150)

For all new clients only, the services are being offered at an introductory price of $99 for 3-thirty minute  telehealth sessions. This is ONLY for a limited time and only available to new clients that I have never seen in person prior to March 20, 2020.  After the 3 sessions, you may choose to continue meeting with me at the regular rates found on the "COSTS" page to this site. 

If I am an existing client or I have an insurance plan you accept, How Much Would I Pay for Telehealth Services? 

As this situation changes, more people may need someone to talk to. I want to provide everyone regardless of insurance, the most support and offer an incentive to establish a new counseling connection. 

My existing clients would still pay the established fees predetermined by their insurance, EAP or our already determined working relationship agreement. New clients using an insurance coverage I accept, are bound by the fee agreements established by their insurance plan. Please see the "COSTS" page of this site for insurance based information.

How is Payment Collected?

At the time of your first secure call, I will ask for your credit card information and use the SQUARE Point of Sale Application to safely run your payment for $99. Your one-time payment will cover all of your 3 sessions. You can request an electronic invoice either through text or an e-mail.  The charge will appear from Rene Q. Sandoval, LCSW. 

Are there any forms to fill out?

When you schedule your first appointment, I can send you via e-mail, my consent forms (read only) and a brief intake questionnaire for you to complete and return to me along with your signed permission to treat form.  I estimate the entire process will take you 10-15 minutes to complete.

Ready to Begin?

Counseling can help you process thoughts and feelings surrounding this unprecedented event currently affecting the entire world. 

Coronavirus explained

Disclaimer: As a social worker, I cannot offer medical advice. The accompanying video on this page is produced by health experts in their respective field, including medical doctors.

Please stay safe.